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Unisex Names by Category. Below, are 101 incredible gender neutral baby names you to consider for your baby (or yourself). We’ve broken them into five categories for quick browsing, including: 25 Common Names; 25 Rare Names; 25 Popular Names; 15 Celebrity Names; 11 Awesome Names Gender-neutral baby names are on the rise. In fact, according to the Social Security Administration —the administrative party responsible for issuing birth certificates— unisex baby names have increased by as much as 88% since 1985. When Beyoncé shows her support for gender-neutral clothing, you know the nonbinary movement has reached a milestone.

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Gender Neutral/Queer Titles [NOTE: currently this page has written titles in mind. Some titles are gender neutral when spoken, ie fiancé/fiancée, as the pronunciation does not change.] I've seen lots of posts for people asking about gender neutral names so I've decided to make a list of 211 gender neutral names I like. In some cases they have been used more for a particular gender but are still all unisex! Today I am sharing my top 27 favorite gender neutral baby names: Aspen. Beck. Blair. Channing.

Gender neutral names, otherwise known as unisex names, are names that can be given to both boys and girls. These names are becoming more and more common within developed, English-based countries.

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This post contains affiliate links. Unisex Names and Nicknames.

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Not name nerds related, but  Dec 12, 2019 Some gender-neutral names are truly unisex, in that they're more or less equally popular for boys and girls. Others are most common for boys but  Looking for a unisex name for a nonbinary character? Here's the place to go!

7) James – Another form of this name, Jamie, is also gender-neutral. In the past, James used to be a male name only, although, thanks to Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, who gave their daughter the moniker, the full version is now unisex as well. 8) Austin – Like other city or location names, Austin has become a gender-neutral option. Cute Gender Neutral Names.
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We pulled together 350 baby names that work for boys and girls, and did the painstaking research for you. A Through C Gender Neutral Names. Breaking down gender-neutral names in a group of A through C helps narrow your scope. Select a name that you feel is a good match for your baby. Addison: Child of Adam.

Micah. Sep 30, 2019 Overall, Casey, Riley and Jessie have been the most popular unisex names across the U.S. since 1910, Net Credit noted, after analyzing more  Mar 12, 2018 Gender-Neutral Names · Angel. If you think your child is destined to be divine, consider this word name, which is among the most popularly unisex  Sep 25, 2017 Devon is a perfect gender-neutral name and literally translates to “from Devonshire," a town in England. Feb 14, 2018 We've got some lovely gender neutral baby names to choose from including Ray, Alex and Remi. It can be pretty hard picking a name for your  What's in a name: Gender-neutral baby names are on the rise. Wed., March 21, 2018. This screen grab released by Nameberry shows their homepage.
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A unisex name (also known as an epicene name, a gender-neutral name or an androgynous name) is a given name that is not gender-specific. Unisex names are common in the English-speaking world, especially in the United States. By contrast, some countries have laws preventing unisex names, requiring parents to give their children sex-specific names. Photo credit: Thinkstock Gender-neutral names – those that work for boys and girls alike – can be utterly charming, giving male and female bearers a dash of strength and sensitivity. It's no wonder parents like to borrow names from the "other gender." (Did you know that Lindsey and Hilary used to be strictly for boys?) Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively (whose daughter is called James), Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher (whose daughter is named Wyatt) and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (whose kids are called North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm) are all examples of celebrity babies with unisex names.

Charlie. Denver. Emerson. Gray. Harley.
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Finley · 6. Tatum · 7. Mar 13, 2020 Gender-Neutral Baby Names Celebrities Have Used That Are Just Beautiful · Bingham Bellamy · James Reynolds · Lincoln Shepard · Mason Disick. Jan 13, 2020 The American West has served as a gender-free inspiration as well, with the popularity of such names as Dakota, Remington, and Phoenix. Not saying I don't enjoy those names for girls! Just curious when we'll embrace fully embrace gender neutral and go the other way.

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Jul 20, 2018 15 adorable gender-neutral baby names · Jaden. Jaden has managed to remain among the top 20 most popular baby boy names for over 10  Mar 8, 2019 50 Gender Neutral Names for Characters. Charlie. Jamie. Georgie. Frankie.

New Story Shack tool Taleforge: Creative writing exercise. DASH. Dash is the name of the oldest son in The Incredibles, and by his name, it goes without … 2020-04-11 Neutral names can help make it safer for people to explore their gender expressions. In English-speaking countries, some of the most familiar gender-neutral names starting with E are Emory and Ezra.